Dead Man on Campus

My new mystery series follows Virginia Western University’s Police Chief, Desdemona White, and her colleague and friend, wildlife professor Elena Bertoni as they uncover the truths behind murder and mayhem at their university nestled in the mountains of rural western Virginia.

Dead Man on Campus, the first in the series, follows the women as they investigate the death of Dr. Drew Robbins, a world-famous wildlife biologist who is found on his desk with a Maasai spear in his back. Was the murderer his long-time research associate, jealous about the fame he hasn’t shared? The television producer he had fired from his upcoing nature show? His secret lover from the budget office, the hortiuclutre student who tends his garden, or his fiance? The origins of the tale go back decades to the wilds of Tanzania where an old man drinks himself slowly to death in The Hyena Bar. Professosr Elena Bertoni is tasked with taking over the dead man’s duties, only to discover that all is not right. Teamed up with police chief Des White, the two dig deep to find out the truth–truth that only murder could reveal.